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Mother's Day  / Mom Gervais-Wyse (Mom)  Read >>
Mother's Day  / Mom Gervais-Wyse (Mom)
May 14, 2017 - Another Mother's Day without you. They really don't get any easier. Come back and visit soon Bummy xxxooo Close
11th Anniversary  / Mom Gervais-Wyse (Mother)  Read >>
11th Anniversary  / Mom Gervais-Wyse (Mother)
11 years tomorrow and the day you left still feels like yesterday. Time hasn't kept you out of our daily thoughts. We go on but not having you here with us has left a hole in our hearts. One that will never be mended. I know God has a job for you but I don't think he'd mind if you paid us a visit. It's been too long since you've come by. Love you always Mom xxxooo Close
another birthday  / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
another birthday  / Mom (Mother)
Well, here we are at yet another one of your birthday's, a mild stone. You are just as loved and missed today as you are when you first left us. Happy Birthday Taylor xxxooo Close
time matters not  / Momma Wyse (Momma)  Read >>
time matters not  / Momma Wyse (Momma)
They say time is a great healer. I don't know who "they" are but they're wrong. We miss you each and every day xxxooo Close
Birthday / Mom Wyse (Mom)  Read >>
Birthday / Mom Wyse (Mom)
Happy Birthday baby boy.  Not a day goes by that you aren't with me in my thoughts and in my heart. Oh how I miss you Taylor. xxxxxooooo Close
Never easy  / Mom W. (Mother)  Read >>
Never easy  / Mom W. (Mother)
Kisses baby boy:

Liam is climbing out of his crib now. You'd get such a kick out of him Taylor. He keeps your sisters and I in stitches. We show him pictures of you and tell him how much you would love him.  We'll share our stories, of you, once he's old enough to understand. 

It's been awhile since you've visited. Maybe if you ask God he would spare you for a few minutes so that you can come and say hello again. 

Always in our heart and never far from our thoughts.  Miss and love you.

Momma xxxooo

Christmas 2013  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Christmas 2013  / Mom (Mom)
Well Taylor, here we are facing another Christmas without you. Oh the fun you would have with Liam and he with you.

Your friends are all starting to have children. Rebecca is expecting her first baby. The girls and I are very excited for her. Krysta had a baby girl last month. She’s as cute as a button. Gerry and Michelle have two children, a boy and a newborn baby girl. They’re sweet too. Jamie has a darling daughter now as well. She’s just a few months younger than Liam is. I often wonder if you would be married with babies of your own by now. I suspect you would.

I still have the skates that Uncle Bryon bought for you when you were just Liam’s age. Quinn and I are going to get them sharpened and take Liam downtown to the outdoor ice rink at city hall. That should be interesting lol.

Not a day goes by that you aren’t with us in one way or another. Oh and by the way….the bag of stocking stuffers that I can’t find….put them boack :P You only have 4 days left to do that you know lol.

Merry Christmas Bummy.
Love, Mom xxxooo Close
not just another day  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
not just another day  / Mom (Mom)

4207680 minutes, 70128 hours, 2968 days, 144 months, 8 years and still....it feels like yesterday.

Liam's 1st birthday is coming up (but you know that already don't you).  Sometimes, when he makes his funny faces, I see you so clearly in him. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

We miss you each and every day xxxxoooo.

Merry Christmas Taylor  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Merry Christmas Taylor  / Mom (Mom)

I only have a picture now,
A frozen piece of time,
To remind me of how it was,
When you were here, and mine.

I see your smiling eyes,
Each morning when I wake,
I talk to you, and place a kiss,
Upon your lovely face.

How much I miss you being here,
I really can not say,
The ache is deep inside my heart,
And never goes away.

I need to feel you constantly,
To get me through the day,
I loved you so very much,
Why did you go away?

If only they had asked me,
If I would take your place,
I would have done so willingly,
Leaving you this world to grace.

You should have had so many years,
To watch your life unfold,
And in the midst of this,
Watch me, your Mum grow old!

I hope your watching from above,
At the daily tasks I do,
And let there be no doubt at all,
I will always love you.


Just dropping in  / Krysta   Read >>
Just dropping in  / Krysta
Hey Taylor, I was just thinking of you today. I just thought I would let you know... You are always thought of. Love ya, Krysta Close
31/07/2012 / Mom   Read >>
31/07/2012 / Mom

Thank you to all of you who stop by this site to say hello and to share your memories and stories of what is going on in your lives. He valued his friendship with all of you.

Oh Taylor, tears still flow when I think of you. I try to remember happier times but my heart still aches and your loss felt everyday. 

Quinn is due to have her baby any day now. She's had a good pregnancy but is tired and longing for his arrival. Allison is an excited Aunt-to-be. You would have made a wonderful Uncle Taylor.

Come visit again soon.

love always and forever.

Mom xxxooo

Always thinking of you  / Jessica (Contini) (Schoolmate/friend)  Read >>
Always thinking of you  / Jessica (Contini) (Schoolmate/friend)
Hey Buddy! Its crazy how much I think of you! It doesn't matter how much time has went by, or how long it has been since I haven't seen you I still have you on my mind. At least one night a week I see you in my dreams! Just as if we were in highschool again! riding the bus since we were... I think 7 years old! After high school when I moved to Hamilton I lost touch with many people including you which I wish I had seen you just one more time! Know everything that was going on in your life. I went to Krysta and Tyler's stag and doe and it was so amazing to see the childhood faces. but All I could think of was you! Wish you were there. I was hoping to run into your sisters, I see their postings all the time, there is a baby coming soon uncle Ty!! congrats! , I have two little girls for you to look over and check up on once in a while k? Don't forget to visit me sometime soon again when I am sleeping! You are a great friend and When i think of Sacred Heart and elementary, I think of you! when I think of riding the bus, I think of you! Even though we were always fighting LOL it was fun and it got me through school!! Well I must go for now but  I miss you! See you soon I'm sure(in a dream as you often are!) friend! Muah! Close
Uncle Taylor  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Uncle Taylor  / Mom (Mom)

Hello my angel. Well, Quinn found out the sex of her baby but you would have already known that wouldn't you.  Wish you were here to share this experience with us.

We miss you Taylor, now and always.  xxxxx Close
another tenant in Gods Kingdom  / Mom   Read >>
another tenant in Gods Kingdom  / Mom
xxxx hello Bummy.
Well another of our family members has come to join you. Seems there are more with you now than there are here.
I tell myself everyday that all of us will be together one day. Some days that just doesn't bring enough comfort.
We miss you Taylor xxxooo Close
Holding On  / Jennifer Roberts   Read >>
Holding On  / Jennifer Roberts
Taylor it's been almost 6 years since you passed but you continue to inspire me to hold on and keep moving forward. You're there for me in a way no one else is. I feel so close to you because I understand what you went through and feel so much sadness because I know it didn't have to happen. I wish I could go back in time and bring you back but all I can do is force myself to keep holding on through the dark times and knowing how bright and beautiful your future would have been helps me do that every day. I love you and miss your big beautiful smile and want you to know this world is a little bit dimmer without it. But my world will be brighter when I can finally see it again :) Til then Taylor xo. Close
Birthday / Mom   Read >>
Birthday / Mom

It's difficult for me to come here Bummy. Not a day goes by that I don't cry for you xxx

Krysta is getting married this year Taylor. I'm sure she'll make a beautiful bride. She's such a lovely woman. Gerry and Michelle are expecting a baby in September. 

Oh Taylor I can't help but wonder how your life would have unfolded if you were still here with us. Would you be married by now would you have made me a grandma? 

Come visit Bummy it's been awhile


Yes, it's me  / Momma (Mom)  Read >>
Yes, it's me  / Momma (Mom)
It's been a little while since I've stopped in but that is not to say that you are not with me today and everyday.
Christmas has come and gone. I didn't put a tree up this year and only a few decorations.
I did spend Christmas with the girls and Kevin. You would have really liked him Taylor.
I know you still come around from time to time as you still move and hide things on me. Eventually I find them lol.
Give my love to everyone and Raven too.
Love you Taylor but you already know that xxxxoooo
Thinking of you  / Krysta   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Krysta

Every once and awhile a song will come on and I think. Music has always been a beautiful thing to me. Its a great way to stop and take a breath from the world and my life to think.

I always wonder about you. The what ifs.... even though there should never be 'what ifs' as time cannot change.

I always think of my life and where I am at. The hardest thing is to stop and think of where you "would" be at. I wish and wish that I could of just dragged you past your bad days and road blocks just so you could see your life today. I know that it was more than just bad days and road blocks...  but my mind keeps thinking ... crap you were just a kid!

I know we sort of lost contact... mostly because of timing and crap that happened in either of our lives but Im telling you... you had a huge part of my heart. My mom still calls you my "first bf"...even though it was just a boy and girl growing up as friends... swimming laughing watching movies and beating the crap out of each other. haha.  That IS honestly what I think of when I think of how I grew up.. I had the hugggest crush on you growing up :). 

You are truly an amazing person. I wish I could look at you right now and say that! that smile and those beautiful eyes.. that is I what I see when I think of you...

I am getting married next year. Its crazy you know... I wish you could be there... Even though I am sure you will be! Its hard knowing I cant put those that I loved and have passed on that list.  Thats apart of life... but it still sucks!

Well I should probably stop with my random writing.... Just know that I think of you often...

Love you Taylor Wyse!



Missing you XXXX  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Missing you XXXX  / Mom (Mom)
If we could have a lifetime wish a dream that would come true We'd pray to God with all our hearts for yesterday and you. A thousand words can't bring you back We know because we've tried And neither will a million tears We know because we've cried. You left behind our broken hearts And happy memories too We never wanted just memories We only wanted you. We miss you every day. -With love Mom Allison and Quinn

How we miss you so XXXXX Close
Happy Birthday  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mom

Well here we are at yet another birthday Taylor! I often find myself wondering what you would be doing in your life  at this point in time. Would you be married to the love of your life?  Would you have have made me a Grandmother by now?  Would you have gone back to school like we had talked about?  Oh Taylor we all miss and love you so very much. Happy Birthday my sweet son  

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